Sep. 5th, 2007 @ 03:16 pm Just another year older.
Once again, I am a prime number. At least in years. Forty-one. Yikes! Now I am solidly (pats belly full of cake) in my forties. And yes, I did find my first gray hair the other day, why do you ask? *prunifying*

I hope I got a chance to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I may have even done so more than once if you have multiple journals. Because my memory, she is not so good.

But birthday largesse (and thanks!):

[info]caoilainn and a bashful anonymous person (thank you, unknown sentient being!) sent me e-certificates. Thank you! I shall spend them wisely! If, er, cheesecake and comic books could be considered wise. *g*

[info]lim sent me a fun e-card and the Romanitas enjoyed it muchly. I had to replay it again. And again. And...well, hours of family enjoyment. Thank you!

[info]morganichelle, [info]mskatej and [info]snycock gave me lovely virtual goodies for my LJ user info page. Thank you!

The Romanitas each got me a little something this year. My oldest gave me two pairs of earrings and the youngest gave me a necklace suitable for a six-year old (which she happens to be). It did not fit. "Oh," she said quite innocently as I struggled to clasp it, "Can I have it?" She's been wearing it for the past four days. I think I need to teach her the concept of 'take-backs' and why that is not a good thing. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that she already knows. I'm not sure whether to be irked by her bad manners or proud of her cunning. Can I be both?

The earrings from my little drag prince (do you know how hard it is to find boy's clothes for a slender, petite, eight-year old girl? Boy's shoes? The skater-boy haircut is a little easier to manage. *g*), on the other hand, are quite me.

Mr. Romany gave me an all-in-one thingiemabob (copier, scanner, printer). I'll figure it out soon. *g*

There is no more cake (home-made lemon by me, free-form icing by the Romanitas). This makes me sad.

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