Sep. 24th, 2007 @ 10:24 am I left my heart...oh they did not, did they?
Okay, I've seen up to SPN 2x18, "Hollywood Babylon", but I have a few comments related to the episode before that, "Heart".

So San Francisco, yay! My hometown. Madison's house, zomg! No victorian that I'm aware of in the city has a sideyard like that. The land! In the city, all the houses are pretty much squished together. It's a tiny city, only 49 square miles. And the house is huge; property costs about as much as it does in Manhattan. So my question: Where are her six roommates hiding out? You know, the ones she has to have to help pay the rent/mortgage. I guess it's split into apartments/condos since she has a neighbor across the hall, but still.

A blonde prostitute in Hunters Point? Huh? Last time I checked, that was the serious projects and not the red light district. Hee! Mr. Glen has quite the werewolf commute there.

And "Heart" as in "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"? Dude, they did not go there, tell me...the pun, it burns!

And there were many tears and OH NOES! as Sam had to do the only thing, all noble, and Dean wanted to spare him that pain and angst up to eleventy. But um, after three nights, isn't the full moon kind of over? Didn't they have a month reprieve to figure things out? Let Sam get laid some more? Mr. Romany and I just blinked at each other and said, "Didn't these guys ever watch Buffy? Dude, so unnecessary!"

That said, I am enjoying the show and Mr. Romany is on the okay, maybe liking, side of tolerance so we'll be caught up by the time S3 starts in two weeks.

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