Oct. 4th, 2007 @ 10:52 am Random (me)mosity.
A gazillion years ago, slinkling (lj) tagged me for the 'random six things about me' meme:

1. I've done various bits of volunteering. You know, give something back. For me, this is better in theory than in practice for I am a sensitive flower and rather lazy. But for about two years, I gave a free poetry workshop at a local downtown café, extremely informal. All sorts would show up, anywhere from dot.commer millionaires to homeless people, all clutching notebooks and sweating.

2. To this day, I cannot stand the smell of baking bagels. We moved around quite a bit in San Francisco - sometimes to stay ahead of the rent, others to something a bit better - but one of those places happened to be upstairs from a bagel bakery and I'd wake up around five in the morning to the stench of cooking bagel dough. This does not prevent me from eating the finished product though.

3. At this same apartment, I never had to put a flashlight under my pillow. The streetlight filtered strongly through right to my bed, and I'd read surreptiously to the sound of the all-night bus lines whizzing by. I'd sometimes miss the first of two city buses to get to school the next morning. I'm still not a morning person.

4. I cannot stand bell peppers, cooked or raw. One summer, I forced myself to eat them because 'they're *good* for you'. I ended up not eating very much that summer because I had the constant acrid taste of bell peppers in my mouth.

5. I once was adamantly childfree. But Mr. Romany's biological clock went off with no snooze alarm setting. Instead of divorcing on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, I agreed to try. Being in my thirties, I thought this would take a while since quite a few of my friends were trying and having difficulties. Our first Romanita is a one-shot wonder. So is our second. The second child was my idea.

6. My mother claims that I had been raised with no TV in hopes that I would become a reader. This is not true (however, I did become a reader). I just wasn't allowed to watch TV on school nights. When I did have TV access, she didn't regulate what I watched. So at the tender age of eight, I became a horror movie addict. Creature Features (with Bob Wilkins - KTVU) on Saturday nights and Chiller Thriller on Friday nights. Sometimes Chiller Thriller would be on Saturday afternoons as well. I'd seen the majority of Hammer Films by the time I was ten, as well as most of the Godzilla movies. There are only so many horror films in the world so sometimes they'd show classic science fiction films (also Bob Wilkins later became Captain Cosmic, hosting an afternoon science fiction show). To this day, I'm not much of a sitcom person.

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