Jan. 2nd, 2008 @ 11:22 pm GIP, Happy New Year! and Fic Round-Up.
This is probably not the best icon to ring in the new year with, but it fills me with glee! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! See? Look at all my glee!

Right now, I have a feverish Romanita and a bored, healthy one. *sigh* I'd hoped to catch up on all the wonderful holiday postings (such as yuletide and the various exchanges), but not today. But....

Happy 2008, everyone!

Thank you, [info]tmelange, for the virtual noisemaker on my info page! Speaking of her, she's been working like crazy to get a holiday Bruce/Clark fanzine up. What I've seen so far looks great! She's making a post, various contributors for fic and art, each day over at [info]wfslash (LJ).

So in 2007, I wrote some stuff...


The Merest Whim, SV, Clark/Lex, G, 834 words, 01/09/07
Just a Hint of Dirt, RPS, TW/MR, NC-17, 1702 words, 01/10/07
Different Day, AtS, Angelus/Lindsey, PG-13, 815 words, 01/14/07
Of Chess and Cookie Jars, Very Important Things, SV, Clark/Lex, NC-17, 2230 words, 01/24/07


Détente, part 1, SV, Lana/Chloe/Clark/Lex, NC-17, ~2,000 - 3,000 words, 02/13/07
Dead Air, AtS, Spike/Angel, PG-13, 300 words, 02/15/07


For Him Alone, SV, Clark/Lex, R, 565 words, 03/27/07


Most Definitely His, SV, Clark/Lex, NC-17, 3029 words, 04/02/07
Détente, part 2, SV, Lana/Chloe/Clark/Lex, NC-17, 1059 words, 04/19/07
Detente, part 3,, SV, Lana/Chloe/Clark/Lex, NC-17, 1232 words, 04/20/07 - WIP, but not abandoned
World Without, SV/DCU, Clark/Lex, Clark/Bruce, PG-13, 2253 words, 04/24/07
Fool Me Once, SV/DCU, Clark/Lex (Clark/Bruce, Clark/Lois implied), R, 3332 words, 04/30/07


A Straight Line and Clarity, SV, Clark/Lex, R/NC-17, 1607 words, 05/17/07


The Main Difference and None at All, SV/DCU, Bruce/Clark/Lex, NC-17, 6138 words, 06/05/07
Time and Territory, SV/DCU, Bruce/Clark, Clark/Lex, NC-17, 2351 words, 06/11/07 - WIP, not abandoned
The Time Before, part 1, SV/DCU, Bruce/Lex, Bruce/Harvey, R, 3033 words, 06/13/07
The Time Before, part 2, SV/DCU, Bruce/Lex, Bruce/Harvey, R, 3329 words, 06/15/07
The Time Before, part 3, SV/DCU, Bruce/Lex, Bruce/Harvey, R, 2247 words, 06/18/07
The Time Before, part 4, SV/DCU, Bruce/Lex, Bruce/Harvey, R, 2865 words, 06/20/07
The Time Before, part 5, SV/DCU, Bruce/Lex, Bruce/Harvey, R, 4347 words, 06/22/07 - WIP, not abandoned


Beer and Mistletoe, SV, Clark/Lex, R, ? words, 07/01/07 - WIP, abandoned
Somewhere Between, part 1, SV/DCU, Clark/Dick, PG-13, ~2000 words, 07/10/07
Three Things Clark Will Never Tell Anyone, SV, Clark/various, R, 1672 words, 07/11/07
Creature of Subtlety and Grace, AtS, Connor, R, ? words, 07/16/07
This Lie, SV/DCU, Clark/Lex, NC-17, 888 words, 07/18/07


Peripheral Vision, SV/DCU, Bruce/Clark, PG-13, 1721 words, 10/10/07
the edges finely shaped and honed, SV/DCU, Bruce/Lex, NC-17, 2969 words, 10/17/07
Somewhere Between, part 2, SV/DCU, Clark/Dick, NC-17, 2543 words, 10/20/07
Somewhere Between, part 3, SV/DCU, Clark/Dick, Bruce/Clark, R/NC-17, 1518 words, 10/21/07
Somewhere Between, part 4, SV/DCU, Clark/Dick, R, 1025 words, 10/23/07


So there's this guy..., SV, Clark/Brian (young tech guy), NC-17, 1841 words, 11/02/07
Bring This Room, SV, Clark/Lex, G, 500 words, 11/07/07
A Necessary Distance, DCU, Bruce/Clark, R/NC-17, 1346 words, 11/13/07
Say It Like You Mean It, DCU, Clark/Lois, NC-17, 2661 words, 11/27/07


Take the Ride, SV/DCU, (Bruce/Clark), Tim/Kon/Bart, R, ? words, 12/03/07 excerpt from unposted fic
In The Details, DCU, Bruce/Clark, batfamily, PG-13, 3063 words, 12/13/07
Pillow Talk, DCU, Bruce/Clark, PG-13/R, 2947 words, 12/18/07

All the links are to LJ. My apologies. I didn't start crossposting until the summer.

Wow! 37 fic posts?!? I think that's a record for me. And I thought this Bruce obsession a bit more recent, but he's mentioned as a Clark-contender in the first fic of 2007. I guess he's been creeping into my fic for a while, sneaky bat. *g*

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