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Dec. 17th, 2007 @ 01:22 am There's a button right over there, just push it.

Over at comicvine, they have this neat little set-up (and yes, I am *such* a GEEK!) where you can have various comic characters mock-battle each other based on certain superpowers - such as "If 'X' could only use the power of flight against 'Y', who would win?"

One of these superpowers? Attractive Male. Yes, you get to pick who would OUT-HOT the other. GLEE!

Currently at #1 - Nightwing.

Currently at #2 - Batman.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *wipes away perfect tear*

They both have Bat-Factor, you see. And I'm just imagining Bruce drumming his gauntlets by the monitor, because he has to check out *every* website with a Batman reference, that paranoid man, and just feeling like an AGING LION. And he would say NOTHING because of PRIDE.

Poor Clark is at #10, but he's never been a man-about-town, so there's that.

Of course the "battle-stats" are a lot higher for Attractive Female, but I can't help but think of those fanboys sitting there hitting the "battle" button. You know, Batman vs. Whomever, grinning at "flight" (okay, that's a no), "intellect" (probably Batguy), and then blinking at "attractive male". The sweat! And er, okay, maybe Batman's HOTTER than Whomever. And they push the button. They PUSH it! GLEE!

And they tell me to SHUT UP! It's an AESTHETIC THING and it's CANON that he's HOT so SHUT UP! I would not DO Batman!

*is twelve*

ETA: For my Jossverse friends because we have the comics too: #16 - ANGEL, #23 - SPIKE, #73 - RILEY. Unfortunately, not a single one of the Jossverse women are on the top 100 Attractive Female list.

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